1.  - Webmaster Online HTML tools for fixing, changing and manipulating text and html.

  5. convert a list of URLs to HTML links using this tool.
    If you ever receive a list of multiple URLs that you want to quickly convert into HTML links to display on a web page then this the tool is for you. Textfilter provides many, many more utilities like this.

  7. These options are available for single images, but can be applied to batches of images as well. To do this, instead of opening a single image at a time, select a number of them in the Finder and likewise right-click to open the selection in Preview.

    When opening them in this manner, they will be gathered in a single Preview window that will list them as thumbnails to the left of the main viewing area. With this view, you can then hold the Command key and select some of the images in random order, use the Shift key to select a series of images in order, or select one and then press Command-A to select all of them.

    With your desired images selected, the Export option in the File menu will change to Export Selected Images, which will give you the same options to save them in the desired format. Do keep in mind that when using batch conversions you will not be able to name the files differently, so they will keep their original names but have a new file type suffix associated with them.

  8. conversion from djvu to pdf

    Several online services to convert djvu files to pdf (and other file format conversions):

  9. : 30 Resources, Apps and Tutorials to Get You Started | Design Shack


  10. a tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats.

  11. A simple Python script that converts CHM files into PDF files. Requires: chmlib pychm htmldoc (Old versions require pdftk too) All of these should be in your favourite distro repository. Currently it works on Linux.

    @Google Code

  12. a commandline tool for OS X that converts 24-bit PNG images to 8-bit PNG. Most common graphic programs can’t export to 8-bit PNG with alpha transparency even though it’s by far the most useful file format for the web.

  15. python based ebook conversion tools @ Google Project Hosting.

    The purpose of this project to to collect, maintain, and provide a home for many of the publicly available standalone tools to convert ebooks from one format to another. In addition, gui front-ends will be hosted for many of the command line tools that already exist. Most of the tools here will be python based and cross-platform in nature.

    It includes MobiUnpack, which will extract html and image files from a mobi ebook. When you’ve finished editing them you turn them back into a mobi file with mobicreator.

    Another alternative is using the internal conversion by Calibre.